Ranald Mackechnie
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Guinness World Records


Another series of images that I became aware Iā€™d amassed without any conscious forethought. These grids were created out of the thousands of images that I had been taking from aircraft windows without really knowing why. From around 2012 I often found myself going through them on my computer not quite knowing what to do with them. Gradually I edited them and began to make the grids.

I love the graphic and repetitive forms they create but also for me these montages are like a secret and arcane language, hieroglyphs from a lost world, evoking a particular time and place from my past, the times I spent with my Dad, an aircraft engineer, on the airfields where he worked.

Glimpsed through the small aperture of the much-coveted window seat these signs and symbols are fragments of a world I loved. I am endlessly fascinated by them.