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Charlie Watts once said of his time in the Rolling Stones something like  “…5 years working and 20 years hanging around …”. Sometimes it seems like I have similar days, frantically crazy moments preceded by hours of waiting around.

A while back I started to take a snap in these times and stuck them on facebook and then instagram. People seemed to quite like them and try to guess where I was or who I was waiting to shoot in situations ranging from totally bizarre to utterly banal.

So, now I have a blog to fill I’m going to stick some of them on here with the original comments I made at the time and then see where we go from here.


09/01/19 - Waiting for a bigger splash - Abu Dhabi

2018:23:08:Waiting.For the flood.JPG

23/08/18 - Waiting for the Flood - Twickenham Stadium

2017:04:03 Waiting for the lights to come on.JPG

04/03/17 - Waiting for the lights to come on.

2017:30:03: Waiting for a paddle.JPG

30/03/17 - Waiting for a paddle.

2016:11:05:Waiting for Sir SR.JPG

11/05/16 - Waiting for Sir SR.

2016:31:05:Waiting for Roy.JPG

31/05/16 - Waiting for Roy to make his mind up.

2016:18:03: Waiting for er....again.JPG

18/03/16 - Waiting for er…..again

2016:19:02:Waiting for Sir.JPG

19/02/16 - Waiting for Sir.

2015:20:07: Waiting for a smoothie.JPG

20/07/15 - Waiting for a smoothie.

2015:07:10: Waiting for Waz...JPG

07/10/15 - Waiting for Waz, Gaz, Raz & the rest of the lads.

2015:07:01: Waiting for film crew.JPG

07/01/15 - Waiting for the film crew, as usual - Saddleworth Moor.

2015:12:06:Waiting for er.JPG

12/06/15 - Waiting for er…

2015:20:05: waiting for the canary.JPG

20/05/15 - Waiting for the canary.

2015:18:02: Waiting for Gergiev.JPG

18/02/15 - Waiting for Gergiev

2014:21:11: Waiting for the police.JPG

21/11/14 - Waiting for the police to leave - Thiruvanmyur Beach

2014:11:18: Waiting for teeth.JPG

18/11/14 - Waiting for the man with the most teeth in his mouth. (I know it looks somewhat like a crime scene).

2014:11:16 Waiting for Harry.JPG

16/11/14 - Waiting for Harry.

2014:27:08:Waiting to read.JPG

27/08/14 - Waiting to read the location details.

2014:27:06:Waiting for Sir Ranulph.JPG

27/08/14 - Waiting for Sir Ranulph

2014:03:10 Waiting for Arron.JPG

10/03/14 - Waiting for Arron

2014:03:07 Waiting for Yr.JPG

07/03/14 - Waiting. Yr amser iawn.

2013:11:08 Waiting for Levison.JPG

08/11/13 - Waiting for Levison.

2013:09:14 Waiting Baker St.JPG

14/09/13 - Waiting to kill the first person who starts humming ‘Baker Street’.

2013:06:18 Waiting For my ghost..JPG

18/06/13 - Waiting for my ghost.

2013:02:28 Waiting for a clear round.JPG

28/02/13 - Waiting for a clear round.

2013:02:23 - Waiting for Birmingham.JPG

23/02/13 - Waiting for Birmingham.

2013:05:15 - Waiting for my driver.JPG

15/05/13 - Waiting for my driver.

2012:12:20 Waiting for Peter.JPG

20/12/12 - Waiting for Peter.

2012:10:30 Waiting for Ellie.JPG

30/10/12 - Waiting for Ellie.

2012:09:24 Waiting for set builder.JPG

24/09/12 - Waiting for the set builder.

Waiting. For the light..JPG

21/11/12 - Waiting. For the light.

Waiting. For ZaraJPG.JPG

06/07/12 - Waiting for Zara

Waiting. For Wayne. At the Grove..JPG

29/05/12 - Waiting. For Wayne. At the Grove.

Waiting. Theatre. Great Ormond StJPG.JPG

21/05/12 - Waiting. Theatre, Great Ormond St.

RanaldMackechnie.Waiting for Wembley. Again.JPG

15/05/12 -

Waiting at Wembley again.

RanaldMackechnie.Waiting forRoy.JPG

14/05/12 - Waiting for Roy.

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