Ranald Mackechnie


Guinness World Records 

A happy sideline in my work is visiting far flung places and photographing far out, and sometimes freaky, Guinness World Record holders. Setting fire to a man in a warehouse in Baltimore, hand placing over 4000 Winnie-the-Pooh toys or acquiring two dozen Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches in February in Slough, (What do you want them for sir? Er…) it’s all good times if occasionally gross.

Some will be fairly obvious but maybe a couple might evade recognition.


This project was inspired by some portraits I found of families in the new housing tracts in southern California in the 1960’s. I was amazed at how different everything, absolutely everything, in each image was. The ordinary becoming extraordinary with the passage of time.

I wanted to make my own document of a fragment of time and place, I chose to document my neighbours.

I created rules for the project. My aim was to make as pure a record as possible, with minimal direction or manipulation by me. Each neighbour would choose where the portrait was to be taken and I would capture the setting with basic lighting and post production. I invited each neighbour to include anything they thought represented them or told a story about their lives. Some did, some did not. Of 73 homes in my street 27 said yes.

The following are their portraits.


Masks is a project that emerged without any conscious forward planning. Starting with LaLa the Teletubbie I began shooting these whenever I happened upon a mask using the nearest person to hand. My rule is that I cannot seek out or buy a mask, they have to appear in my day. Hence the random nature and, also probably, why this small set of images have taken around 14 years to amass.

Personal Work

A random selection of personal work.